Congratulations to the community at-large, community leaders, and all of the neighborhood board members for the past 2 decades who have labored hard to make this a reality. Campbell High School is receiving new construction funding to replace the existing track and field facilities (synthetic turf) which is a huge win so our children will have athletic facility equity moving forward, especially in our weather climate that has required challenging maintenance at-best. Community Leaders such as Guy Leopard, Mitchell Tynanes, Senator Kurt Fevella who leads the Lion’s Club, all of Campbell High School’s Leadership such as Principal Jon Henry Lee & Athletic Director Rory Pico, Amosa Amosa, and others who have stepped forward to actively participate in this process have contributed mightily to the fruition of this Campbell High School facility. In closing, we would like to thank Governor Ige for releasing the construction funds and his wife, Dawn Ige – a Campbell High School alumni and supporter.  

By LuAnn Poti

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