Making Hawaii Safe for Travel

I prepared this report in May.  As you can see, many of the recommendations which were not taken seriously at the time are now gaining or have gained consensus.  The 72 hour pre-travel testing is critical to reopening our visitor industry. We are not entering the era of “instant” tests, but the airlines must find a way to enforce the pre-travel testing so the plane is free of COVID-19; this can be done through pricing without violating anyone’s constitutional rights.  I.e. take a test to get a discount, without a test pay a premium and be tested upon arrival.   

In any case, here is the work product I laid out several months ago as a member of the House Select Committee on COVID-19.  Page 4 has the tasking and action items. 



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Bob McDermott
State Representative

By LuAnn Poti

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“District 40 (Ewa Beach-Iroquois Point): Republican Bob McDermott deserves to remain the incumbent here over Democratic opponent Rose Martinez, a part-time teacher and small business owner. We often disagree with McDermott’s social conservativism, but his ability to articulate on behalf of various issues adds needed diversity to the House. He gets credit for his advocacy for a new high school in this fast-growing district, which has seen serious overcrowding at its two existing high schools. McDermott, a Realtor, expresses the usual GOP points about streamlining the permitting process and cutting taxes and regulations, but also supports completing the rail system, which likely will require extending the general excise tax surcharge.”




Working hard, together, for a better Ewa…


See complete coverage of Rep. McDermott class action lawsuit on behalf of Campbell High School students to compile the Governor, DOE and BOE to address problems at the school. McDermott is asking specifically to expand the inadequate cafeteria facilities, air condition classrooms and start building a new high school in Kapolei to receive overcrowding.