Hero image featuring Bob McDermott against the stunning backdrop of Hawaii's natural beauty, symbolizing his commitment to the prosperity and well-being of the state's communities. The image conveys McDermott's dedication to leading with aloha, integrity, and a forward-thinking vision for Hawaii and the nation.

Did you know your parental rights?

Did you know that transgenderism is classified as gender dysphoria, a psychological disorder? In Hawaii, laws allow minors to undergo sex change operations or begin the transitioning process without parental consent. Did you know that your child can leave home as one gender, change into the clothes of another at school, and present as that gender for any period—day, week, or month—without your knowledge? Teachers are not required to inform parents, effectively keeping this a secret. Moreover, children can start taking transitioning drugs, making significant decisions independently, because it’s deemed their constitutional right. This situation raises critical questions about parental rights and the autonomy of minors.

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