Key Issues


We'll slash inflation by balancing the $34 trillion debt, protecting entitlements, break monopolies, boost American jobs, counter CCP influence, and set a 30% tax for the wealthy. My pledge to you.


We'll secure Oahu's desalination plant, complete Red Hill's cleanup, return Fort Shafter to Native Hawaiians, close Barber's Point dump, ensure Radford High's safety, and adjust Maui's compensation. Our commitment to action.

National Security

We'll end the Ukraine war, support Israel, stop wokeism in the military, decouple from China, protect our supply chains, ban CCP land buys near bases, boost VA care, and push for a bio-lab moratorium. Our commitment to you.


We'll bolster border security, slash illegal immigration costs, tackle child trafficking with life sentences, ensure children's safety with DNA testing, and fight the Fentanyl epidemic. Our pledge: Enhanced safety and respect.

Cultural Issues

We'll defend kids from harmful ideologies, uphold pro-life values, combat censorship, ensure fairness, and honor parental rights. Our commitment: Safeguarding dignity and family values.
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